2016 Investors

Literacy San Antonio, Inc. wishes to acknowledge all financial and gift-in-kind donors who make SAReads possible. Contributions help children learn to read through data-driven, research-based programs and support teachers to meet students’ language and literacy instruction needs. SAReads is a long-term project designed to produce systemic increases in reading and educational outcomes for low-income children in public schools. Success is built on community buy-in to a network of schools, universities and community organizations. Together we produce clear results at a low cost of doing business.

We are grateful to our 2016 investors whose donations allowed the SAReads coalition to grow and strengthen programs that meet the literacy and language needs of public school children.

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Boysville Thrift Store | Frankie Casseb Youth Literacy Club | Halff Family Foundation | Napier Charitable Trust | Padalecki Studio | Pecan Street Capital LLC

Rabbi Jaymee & Danny Alpert | Jessica Andrewartha | Leslie Ausburn | Dan Bandera & Gabriele Stevens | Michelle Berridge | Barbara Bowen | Carol Covert | Lisa Cuellar | Diane & Tom Earle | Dawn Field | Nicole Foy | Lucie Frost | Myra Garza | Jennifer Haggerty | Daniel Jochnowitz | John & Kathryn Keeton | Diana Klodginski | Michael Lackey | Sherry Layman | Lizzie & Grant McFarland | Anastasia McKenna | Sam & Karen Mitts | Stephanie Murdock | Angela Newcomer | David Olson | Blair Ortmann | Hana Suckstorff | Samantha Toback | Stephan Tompsett | Holly Urbanek | Bryan Vanpelt | Annie Vu | Mary Walker | Joan Wells | Anonymous

Great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this list. Please contact Becki Olivares in the SAReads office at (210) 957-8790 or becki@literacysanantonio.com if you have questions or to report an error.