What's next for 2016?

We're glad you asked! At SAReads, we pride ourselves on continuously refining our program through client feedback, staff observations and research. In 2016, we are adding two new elements to our program.

The first is a parent participation program designed to capitalize on a parent's role as their child's first teacher. We began the process this fall by hosting parent meetings at each of our schools, answering questions and explaining the program. This spring, we'll follow-up with a series of seminars focused on teaching parents the UT Austin Vaughn-Gross Center'sRead-Aloud Program and equipping them with strategies for reducing their child's "summer slide."

In addition, SAReads will pilot a program that customizes students' reading instruction based on their individual results from the teacher administered reading skills inventory. This feedback loop allows SAReads tutors to focus on the specific needs of each student, from phonemic awareness to fluency to reading comprehension.