3rd Party Evaluator Finds SAReads Students are 5x the Readers!

We monitor student progress using the Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) Assessment. The TPRI is a diagnostic tool for pre-reading skills for Kindergarten through 3rd grade students. Every year, SAReads staff analyzes students' TPRI outcomes at the beginning and end of year to measure program impact. We publish our findings in an annual report.

Last fall we sought out a third party evaluator to offer an unbiased and objective analysis of our students' reading outcomes. We partnered with a team of prestigious Industrial-Organizational Psychologists at Minerva Work Solutions PLLC, whose clients include NASA and the Texas Children's Hospital. 

Dr. Kathryn Keeton and Dr. Kelley Slack of Minerva Work Solutions conducted a statistical analysis of TPRI outcomes from SAReads students enrolled in 2014-2015. Their methodology included data cleaning and integration, statistical analysis, recommendations for future data storage and interpretation of findings. In sum, their study concluded that:

Students in the SAReads literacy program were 5.47 times more likely to have fully developed reading skills at grade level than students not in the program.

We're over the moon to have statistical EVIDENCE that proves the success of the SAReads Reading Instruction Program! Our work won't stop here! At the end of academic year 2016-17, SAReads will have "graduated" the first cohort of students enrolled in the Reading Instruction Program for all four years. In the meantime, we are continuing to collect TPRI and STAAR data, as well as perfect the data sharing processes with the school district in anticipation for the longitudinal analysis of every cohort of SAReads students.

Download our annual reports for additional data points and information.