20 Year Study Proves Books Make a Difference

SAReads was created with the goal of increasing access to books and educational attainment in Bexar County. Over 200,000 books have been distributed to local nonprofits and schools since the first community book drive in 2010, which was led by now Congressman Joaquin Castro. SAReads firmly believes that access to books can change lives!

Well now there's proof! An international study 20-years in the making shows that having as little as 20 books in the home can help a child "ascent to a higher level of education." Children in the SAReads Reading Instruction Program receive over 40 BRAND NEW books over their 4 years in the program. SAReads is also ramping up efforts to increase access to books for Bexar County schools and classroom teachers. SAReads Book Bank recipients can even choose individual titles by grade, topic and age, with books ranging from ages 0 through adult.

The presence of books in the home has a greater influence on a child's level of education than does the parents income, nationality, or level of education.

The article's leading researcher, Dr. Mariah Evans said, "reading with children and talking about the books you read makes a big difference." Their study of 27 countries indicated that children with any kind of book in the home can get "3 years more schooling from children in bookless homes independent of their parents’ education, occupation, and class. " This is BIG news for parents without university or technical degrees.

Nonprofits and schools can help SAReads eliminate bookless homes by requesting free gently used books from the SAReads Book Bank

Read the full study here.