Tutor Spotlight: Toby Nunley

SAReads tutors exceed our highest expectations! Toby Nunley juggles studies at Texas A&M University - SA, serves as an SAReads tutor and works at Bowlero. In addition, he takes time to volunteer in the library at Big Country Elementary following his tutoring sessions each week.

"The correlation between SAReads and my classroom instruction build upon each other and compliment each other. Not only am I getting the tools and knowledge and the actual basic of learning foundation from my classroom instruction, but I can also implement that and have practice in a classroom setting, which is extremely vital for a student teacher."
"I can be that teacher and continue pushing on that goodwill and belief that every student has the possibility to do great things and do whatever they want. We have to stay involved in their life."

Toby is a huge help at family events like the San Antonio Book Festival (pictured above).  Thanks to Toby and all the SAReads tutors for helping their students become proficient and enthusiastic readers!