Using Community Resources to Leverage Parent Involvement

Research shows parent involvement is key to a child's academic success. This spring SAReads expanded our program to include literacy workshops for families, special events and summer reading workshops that leverage the San Antonio Public Library's Summer Reading Program.

Family workshops focus on helping parents develop an effective read-aloud routine with their child and encourage reading during the summer months.  The Meadow's Center for Preventing Educational Risk at UT Austin trained SAReads staff in an 8-step process for implementing an effective read-aloud routine at home:

  1. Choose a book your child is interested in.
  2. Ask a question about what the story might be about.
  3. Before reading, choose 3-4 new vocabulary words and discuss their meanings.
  4. Create a signal that your child will use when he or she learns new words in the story.
  5. Tell your child to listen carefully.
  6. Read the story and look for the signal.
  7. After reading the story, ask your child questions about what happened.
  8. Help your child make connections between the story and their personal experiences.

At our most recent Summer Slide Workshop, parents received information about online and community resources to keep their student learning all summer long. Click here to download a list of free or low-cost learning websites and a calendar of all events related to the Summer Reading Program which include puppet shows, crafts and more!

Parents participated in more special events than ever before. SAReads families enjoyed a unique literary experience at the San Antonio Book Festival, where their favorite children's stories were brought to life in performances and storytellings. For the first time ever, SAReads families were invited to a free day at the San Antonio Botanical Garden and met famed children's author Doreen Cronin of the Diary of a Worm book series.

SAReads is also providing tools for parents to track students' summer reading progress and give prizes, awards and new books to children who complete their reading goals. SAReads families are also invited to attend our back-to-school bash, which nurtures community and celebrates each student's success!