Investor Spotlight: Lanham & Dacia Napier

No start-up could survive without the seed funding that allows it to grow. In this inaugural donor update we'd like to take a moment to acknowledge two of SAReads' original angel investors, Lanham and Dacia Napier. From the beginning, the Napiers understood our goal of developing an evidence-based program and supported our efforts through their generous donations.

Developing data collection and student tracking systems requires a significant financial outlay. The Napiers' multi-year investment allowed SAReads to show improvement in student outcomes using independent data obtained directly from participating school districts. The Napiers have also invested in SAReads students in other ways. Their family has volunteered their time reading to SAReads students during story time, served with the Barnes & Noble Holiday Book Drive and hosted a fundraiser at their home.

We're immensely grateful to the Napiers for believing in our data-driven model and providing the means to bring that vision to fruition.