Teaching Children to Read is a Difficult Puzzle to Solve

Our latest annual report, Solving the Puzzle of Teaching Children to Read, outlines the SAReads students' journey to becoming a proficient reader. This is a multiyear process, with multiple programs that reinforce our impact on children's learning. At the end of the school year, we evaluate the impact of SAReads programs using data provided by our partner schools. The results of that analysis form the basis of our report and plans.

The great news is that we know how to teach children to read. This year we learned that 40% of children will learn to read fairly easily - their brains are wired that way. The other 60% of children must be taught how to read. They need quality reading instruction.

We're now in the process of gathering STAAR and Texas Primary Reading Inventory data for our 2015-16 report. 

Annual Report Highlights:

  • "Students in the SAReads literacy program were 5.47 times more likely to have fully developed reading skills at grade level than students not in the program." (Minerva Work Solutions, PLLC)
  • More than 100 community agencies and classroom teachers received free books from the SAReads Book Bank in 2015.
  • 95% of SAReads tutors would recommend other aspiring teachers participate in the SAReads program.
  • 716 elementary students and 956 future teachers (aka tutors) have participated in the SAReads tutoring program since Fall 2012.