BOOKMARKED: Update on the SAReads Reading Instruction Academy

A child's success as a reader is largely predicated on their being taught the 'science of reading' from an early age. However, according to the National Council on Teacher Quality, only 17% of teacher prep programs equip elementary and special education teachers to utilize all 5 components of reading instruction.

SAReads is making plans to open a reading instruction academy to provide affordable professional development and instructional support to elementary teachers so they can apply the scientific method of reading instruction in the classroom. We are meeting with community and education partners to discuss ways to develop a collaborative academy that supports local teachers and their students.

Opening a teacher institute that focuses on teaching and reinforcing these skills has been a longtime goal for SAReads. We've met recently with potential partners including the faculty and administration at Texas A&M at San Antonio and Region 20 to discuss how such an institute could be structured and funded, as well as the role that each partner would play.

To cap off these new developments, SAReads coalition members were invited to present the SAReads model at the 2016 Unlocking Literacy Conference by theNeuhaus Education Center in Houston. Texas A&M - SA Professor Ramona Pittman, Southwest ISD Reading Specialist Teresa Mata and SAReads Executive Director Pamela Toman presented to a group of educators how SAReads provides critical learning experience to future teachers while helping young children learn to read.