Tutor Spotlight: Meet Alley Gonzales

Preservice teacher and Texas A&M - San Antonio student Alley Gonzalez described how science-based reading instruction is impacting her students. "When they realized they have just read forty words that they could not read before, it's incredible. I always want to see children have that AHA! moment.  When I am in my own classroom, I know to utilize flash cards as part of a reading center." SAReads equips future teachers like Alley to shape student literacy today and tomorrow.

Currently, Alley is enrolled in the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M - San Antonio, and is an aspiring teacher. Her participation in SAReads is also a required experiential learning component of her undergraduate teacher program, meant to provide her with real-world training in science-based reading instruction before she earns her own classroom one day.

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Chelsea Potcher