Improving Education in Two Important Ways - SAReads Tutor Corps Expands

Since 2012, SAReads has trained preservice teachers enrolled in literacy instruction courses at Texas A&M University - San Antonio to serve as tutors at eleven elementary schools in Southwest ISD. To date, preservice teachers have delivered science-based reading instruction (SBRI) to over 800 unique kindergarten through third grade students.

Over 1,000 preservice teachers have received hands-on experience using science-based reading instruction (SBRI) through SAReads. This fall, SAReads is expanding to include preservice teachers enrolled in intermediate reading instruction courses, which focus on teaching literacy to children in fourth through eighth grades. While preservice teachers enrolled in early literacy instruction courses tutor kindergarten through third grade students, those enrolled in intermediate reading courses will tutor fourth through fifth grade students. Many preservice teachers enrolled in intermediate reading courses previously served as SAReads tutors when they took the early literacy instruction course. Not only is the SAReads Tutor Corps growing, it is getting stronger with more experienced reading tutors.

A letter of support from Dr. W. Sean Kearney, Interim Dean and Associate Professor at Texas A&M University - San Antonio explains the importance of SAReads for both children and preservice teachers:

"SAReads is improving education in two important ways:

  1. The students who receive the reading tutoring receive an immediate benefit for their own education; and
  2. The aspiring teachers who are providing the tutoring receive an opportunity to hone their own skills in teaching students to read."

With SAReads Tutor Corp growth, striving readers have the opportunity to begin tutoring in kindergarten and continue through fifth grade. We estimate there will be over 400 kindergarten through fourth grades students enrolled in SAReads tutoring this year, the largest group of students tutored to date.

"This experience improves the skill-set for these future teachers, which is crucial to the learning of all students these educators will work with over the course of their careers," says Dr. Kearney. "Texas A&M University - San Antonio's mission is working together with the community and the citizens it serves to build a brighter future."

For additional information, download our impact reports or read more about how SAReads is empowering classroom and preservice teachers.