Family Literacy Corner: Echo Reading

Echo, Echo, Echo!

Defined by Literacy Builders, "echo reading is a rereading strategy for developing expressive, fluent reading." Although echo reading is typically used in classroom settings, families can adopt this practice at home during their routine story time. 

Follow these steps or watch the video below to use echo reading in your next at-home story time:

  • Choose a book in your child's reading level (i.e. a text they can read semi-independently)

  • Read the text aloud, sentence by sentence, and point to each word as you read.

  • Have your student imitate, or echo, what you read. Ask them to track the words with their finger.

  • Echo reading helps students practice correct intonation and develop a higher vocabulary of sight words. This teaching strategy can be used with picture books or chapter books.

Need help finding a book?

Check out Find a Book! Use this search engine to find books in your child's grade or reading level. 

Chelsea Potcher