Science of Reading in Bexar County

Science Matters

Modern technology shows how the human brain learns to read. Functional MRIs of the brain prove that “picking up the mechanics” of reading isn’t easy or natural.This explains why so many children do not learn to read through exposure to books and language. Humans are born with brain circuitry to pick up spoken language; but no one is born with reading circuity. Reading has to be taught (Psychology Today, May 2018).

When children begin school, we cannot predict with sufficient accuracy which children will struggle to learn to read without explicit, systematic reading instruction and which children will not. The most ethical and prudent action is to provide all children with the most effective teaching methods, based on the best available evidence, thereby accelerating the progress of all children(Buckingham & Castles, 2019).


Science of Reading in Bexar County

Southwest ISD and SAReads® bring the science of reading into elementary classrooms in Bexar County. 240 Southwest ISD teachers participated in theLanguage Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS®) professional development provided in partnership with SAReads®. We are grateful to the exceptional leaders at Southwest ISD for making this project possible.

Congratulations to Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft for being the ESC Region 20 Superintendent of the Year. Special thanks to Dalila Garcia, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, and Velia Terrazas, Executive Director of Elementary Education, for their vision, leadership and collaboration.

Southwest ISD and SAReads® are empowering teachers with the latest knowledge and support to implement the science of reading in their classrooms.SAReads® literacy facilitators work with Southwest ISD literacy teams to sustain professional development and instructional coaching for teachers.

Chelsea Potcher