When you invest in SAReads, you support book distribution and research-based reading instruction for children in San Antonio.


It was hard for them to identify vowels and pronounce letters. Now they can read through a sentence without having an issue. It was the time SAReads has spent with my kids.” ~Yvonne, SAReads Parent


$25 - To sponsor a family at the San Antonio Book Festival.
$50 - To provide books for a child's at-home library.
$100 - To sponsor an SAReads family with books and family literacy workshops.
$150 - To provide books written by San Antonio Book Festival authors to SAReads children.
$200 - To purchase reading instruction curriculum for a grade level at a school.
$250 - To sponsor a child in the SAReads reading instruction program for a year.
$500 - To provide a library of guided-reading books for tutoring at a school.
$1,000 - To provide reading instruction curriculum for Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade tutoring at a school.
$1,500 - To provide complete reading instruction materials for tutoring a school, including a trunk and curriculum and guided-reading libraries.

Please select a one-time donation to SAReads or join the SAReads Giving Society to make an annual commitment. 

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