How do I request a book donation for my organization?  
You can find the link to the SAReads Book Bank request form here.

What are the eligibility requirements for requesting a book donation?
The SAReads Book Bank awards book donations to non-profit organizations that operate within Bexar County.

Why do you need my IRS letter confirming my organization’s 501c(3) status?
SAReads only grants book donations to nonprofit organizations in the Bexar County area.  Therefore, we ask for your IRS letter to confirm that you are a non-profit entity.

Is there a limit to the amount of books I can request?
There is no limit to the amount of books you can request, however, we reserve the right to modify your request based on our inventory and anticipation of future requests from other organizations.

What type of books do you need the most?
Our biggest needs include bilingual books (Spanish), books for infants/toddlers, kindergarten through 5th grade, and middle school books. Click here for a guide that explains what is appropriate for books in age range.  

Why don’t you accept textbooks/encyclopedias/magazines?
While we are grateful for donations, textbooks/encyclopedias/magazines are often outdated and have content not appropriate for our primary audience.

What can I do to help the SAReads Book Bank?
We list our current volunteer opportunities at and we accept book donations year-round.  If you are interested in organizing an independent book drive, please contact us.  Finally, if you are interested in making a monetary donation to support the Book Bank, please contact:

Becki Olivares, Director of Operations, SAReads
(210) 957 -8790

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available at the Book Bank?
The SAReads Book Bank is able to operate due to the donations of both books and time.  Typical volunteer opportunities include categorizing, cleaning, labeling and shelving donated books. 

Where can I donate books?
We accept donations year-round at our office located in the Firstmark Credit Union at 10730 Gulfdale Drive, San Antonio, TX 78216.  Please make sure to let us know ahead of time that you are planning to drop off a donation so that we have staff available to meet with you

Are monetary donations to the Book Bank tax-deductible?
Yes.  SAReads is a verified 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so any monetary donation to the Book Bank is tax-deductible.