SAReads is a project of Literacy San Antonio, Inc. to successfully teach children to read by empowering teachers in high-poverty schools to use science-based reading instruction (SBRI).

SBRI is organized around the five components of reading, including phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency, and is aligned with how the brain processes oral and written language.

SAReads Empowers Teachers

To successfully teach all children to read, teachers must be extremely knowledgeable about effective strategies as well as diagnostic in their approach to reading instruction. Science-based reading instruction (SBRI) requires specialized disciplinary knowledge that is difficult for most teachers to acquire through typical education channels. Only 39% of undergraduate teacher preparation programs include instruction in all five components of SBRI. SAReads provides clinical experience using SBRI to future teachers and professional development combined with instructional coaching to practicing teachers to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to meet the literacy needs of their students.

Books For the Classroom

The SAReads® Book Bank is working to eradicate book deserts in San Antonio and supplement classroom libraries by giving thousands of books to students, teachers, schools and nonprofits. Submit a Book Request Form to receive free books for your classroom library, or learn more about our Book Bank here.

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