Our Mission

SAReads® is a project of Literacy San Antonio, Inc. to increase the number of children reading on grade level by empowering teachers to use the science of teaching reading and increasing access to books.

Literacy San Antonio, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit established in 2010, excels at collaborative implementation of research-based programs.


The most ethical action.

“When children begin school, we cannot predict with sufficient accuracy which children will struggle to learn to read without explicit, systematic reading instruction and which children will not. Therefore, the most ethical and prudent action is to provide all children with the most effective teaching methods, based on the best available evidence, thereby accelerating the progress of all children.”

— Buckingham & Castles, 2019


Our Solution

Imagine you’re eight years old with no books at home. Now imagine someone gave you one, but you couldn’t really read it. That is the reality for more than 57% of Texas 3rd graders (TEA, 2018). According to America’s Most Literate Cities, San Antonio ranks 76 out of 82 US cities in literacy levels (Central Connecticut State University, 2017).

More than 95% of children can and will achieve reading proficiency with proper reading instruction over enough time. For nearly two decades there has been a huge gap between the science of reading and instructional practices in America’s classrooms.

SAReads® is bridging the gap between science and poor reading in San Antonio by improving reading instruction, increasing access to books, and providing learning enrichment experiences for low-income children.

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