Empowering Teachers

Changing children's reading outcomes requires changing reading instruction. SAReads® partners with school district leaders to provide LETRS® professional development as well as coaching and support to teachers and instructional staff at elementary schools.

SAReads® also provides experience to preservice teachers who participate in the SAReads Tutor Corps. Preservice teachers apply reading instruction methods while tutoring kindergarten through 4th grade students.

SAReads® empowers preservice teachers and classroom teachers to use reading assessment data to implement data-driven instruction (“DDI”) specific to each student learning to read.

Literacy Campuses

SAReads® partners with school leaders to provide SBRI professional development to teachers and instructional staff across an elementary school. We aim to align instructional strategies during the years children are learning to read (especially grades K-3). SAReads® literacy facilitators foster teamworks by coaching and supporting teachers as they transform their classroom instruction to follow the science.

This multi-tiered model focuses on building sustained, embedded literacy instruction across each campus where every teacher is a skilled teacher of reading.

We strive for full literacy so more than 95% of students read on grade level.