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Literacy Awareness

At the heart of LITERACY San Antonio is the belief that San Antonio can change expectations and behaviors.

Raising Literacy Levels in Greater San Antonio

LITERACY San Antonio is a bold project focused on significantly and permanently raising literacy levels in the Greater San Antonio Area. It is OPEN to EVERYONE who wants to become part of the SOLUTION.

  •  Did you know the problem of illiteracy in San Antonio is so great that 25% of our residents cannot read and understand this article?
  • San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US and ranks 60th in population literacy.
  • San Antonio has the highest high school drop out rate of any major city in the nation.

The implications for our city's future are enormous and deeply disturbing.

Effective change requires participation from ALL members of the community. LITERACY San Antonio will provide a method for reliable and effective action. Through an Internet clearinghouse, hotlines, and various media (including radio, television, billboards and social media) along with community volunteers, we intend to enable existing literacy programs to serve more people in San Antonio, thereby significantly and permanently decreasing illiteracy.

The project will centralize information about literacy agencies and their programs, literacy events in the community and provide ways everyone can get involved or get access to participate.

Together with our supporters, we envision all residents of San Antonio collaborating and using the LITERACY San Antonio resources for advancing literacy. People who need literacy services will be able to find them via our LITERACY San Antonio hotlines, community outreach and the Internet. People who want to donate time or money to agencies and services will be able to make their contributions with ease. Literacy service providers will be able to update their information in the community directory, access volunteer information and view all requests for help in their geographic area, which are received by LITERACY San Antonio from one of our access channels. Access to the community and the providers will be available around-the-clock on the Internet.

At the heart of LITERACY San Antonio is the belief that San Antonio, united in our objective and working as a whole, can change individual expectations and behaviors. The initiative is not reinventing the wheel by creating new programs and services. The program is designed to use the power of the people to move society forward. As members of our community, we are all responsible to advocate for and participate in the advancement of literacy for all residents of San Antonio. At its core, LITERACY San Antonio is about realizing human potential; the potential of individuals and of humanity. Our premise is based on a belief that the foundation of a thriving democratic society depends on an educated populace. It is the changed attitudes and behaviors of a unified community along with efficient infrastructure and tools that will raise literacy levels permanently.

LITERACY San Antonio is a consensus-building initiative intended to unite the community around the importance of literacy, provide economies of scale to existing organizations to efficiently service those in need and provide hope to residents for sustainable change and an improved future.