Results Impact Growth

Literacy Campus Reading Outcomes

Children at Spicewood Park Elementary love reading and learning! At the first SAReads Literacy Campus, Principal Krista Nail and her team of teachers and coaches are building a system of reading excellence for some of the most at risk students in our city. After only one year of SBRI in the classroom, an incredible 80% of second graders met/approached reading on grade level. See reading results.

Preservice Teachers / Tutors

Preservice teachers enrolled in literacy instruction courses at Texas A&M University - San Antonio College of Education and Human Development are trained to tutor SAReads students using SBRI. More than 1,600 preservice teachers have been SAReads tutors..

Students Tutored

Kindergarten through 4th grade students tutored by preservice teachers trained as SAReads tutors. More than 1,300 students have been tutored by preservice teachers.


Children, teachers and nonprofits receive free books from the SAReads Book Bank. More than 350,000 free books have been distributed in Bexar County.




Tutored Student Reading Outcomes

Reading results for students tutored by preservice teachers trained as SAReads tutors.

2017 State of Texas Reading Snapshot Report

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) snapshot provides average reading outcomes for fourth graders by year, race/ethnic group and income status.

America's Most Literate Cities Report

The report on America's Most Literate Cities by Connecticut State University ranks San Antonio 76th out of 82 cities.