Preservice Teachers/Tutor Corps

Clinical experience: Undergraduates from Texas A&M-San Antonio’s College of Education and Human Development learn research-based literacy instruction theory and techniques and apply those techniques as members of the SAReads Tutor Corps.

Small-group tutoring: Kindergarten through 5th grade students identified as needing extra instruction in reading receive weekly tutoring sessions from members of the SAReads Tutor Corps. Tutors use reading assessment data to prepare custom lesson plans based on the five components of reading.

Curriculum and Books: Tutors use research-based curriculum from the Florida Center for Reading Research and Scholastic. SAReads students receive new books for their home libraries before winter, spring, and summer breaks.

Classroom Teachers

Research-based professional development: SAReads provides SBRI professional development to all teachers and instructional staff across a whole elementary school to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment in instructional strategies.

Coaching and Support: SAReads offers continuous coaching and support through campus academic coaches and a school-based change facilitator. 

A Culture of Reading: This multi-tiered model focuses on building sustained, embedded literacy instruction across the campus where every teacher is a teacher of reading.

Books for the Classroom

The SAReads Book Bank is a clearinghouse for collecting, cleaning, sorting and redistributing books to the community located inside the Gulfdale branch of Firstmark Credit Union. Free gently used and new books are available to teachers and nonprofits in the greater Bexar County. To request books, please submit an SAReads Book Bank request.