SAReads Student Impact

SAReads Student Impact 2016-17

Since 2012, SAReads has conducted detailed analysis of longitudinal student reading data. Data on SAReads students consistently indicates that their reading skills improve from the beginning-of-year (BOY) to end-of-year (EOY). Beginning in AY 2016-17, SAReads monitored individual student progress using IStation assessments, which is a diagnostic tool for pre-reading and reading skills from Kindergarten through the end of 5th grade that categorizes students into three instructional tiers:

Tier 1: Students performing at grade level
Tier 2: Students performing moderately below grade level and in need of intervention
Tier 3: Students performing seriously below grade level and in need of intensive intervention

In 2016-17 an average of 26% of SAReads students were categorized in Tier 1 at BOY, meaning they were performing on grade-level. By EOY, the number of SAReads performing on grade level doubled on average. See results from additional years: