SAReads and Southwest ISD are partnering to develop a model to raise reading achievement districtwide. Raising reading achievement is a 2-step, 5-year process. In order to change children’s reading outcomes, we must first change classroom reading instruction. 

Modern brain research proves even the most at-risk children learn to read proficiently with proper instruction. When SBRI training is followed by ongoing coaching and teamwork throughout the year in a context of leadership and support, teachers will apply what they have learned, and student achievement will improve.

SAReads is enlisting the national LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) training and certification team. Principals, teachers and instructional staff will be trained by LETRS trainers and empowered to meet the language and literacy needs of their students as they embed research-based practices in the school culture.

Five Years to Full Literacy

Year 1: Gather data, purchase materials, begin professional development.

Year 2: Align and refine. Start strategic interventions.

Year 3: Stick with it! Align and refine.

Year 4: Stick with it!

Year 5: Target: 90-95% Proficiency!

SAReads and Southwest ISD are partnering to bring LETRS training and certification to a group of qualified individuals, “SAReads Fellows," who commit themselves to the extensive work required to gain the specialized knowledge and skills in literacy that are needed to teach all children to read. Individuals who participate in the training and certification process will be grouped into literacy teams at their elementary school. SAReads Fellows will lead, inspire and drive schoolwide change in reading instruction methods through PLCs, coaching, collaboration and teamwork. When implemented correctly over enough time, this approach produces dramatic improvements in children’s reading outcomes.