SAReads Tutor Corps Expands


Staring fall 2017, the SAReads Tutor Corps increased 60% and extended tutoring to include 4th graders. Previously elementary students had the opportunity to participate in SAReads tutoring from kindergarten through 3rd grade. SAReads extended tutoring through 4th grade this year and will extend to 5th grade next fall.

By May 2017, SAReads completed five years of research-based reading tutoring, serving more than 800 students and over 1,000 preservice teachers from Texas A&M University - San Antonio. 


Dr. W. Sean Kearney, Interim Dean and Associate Professor at Texas A&M University - San Antonio College of Education and Human Development states, "SAReads is improving education in two important ways: The students who receive the reading tutoring receive an immediate benefit for their own education; and the aspiring teachers who are providing the tutoring receive an opportunity to hone their own skills in teaching students to read. This experience improves reading instruction skills for future teachers, which is crucial to the learning of all the children these educators will work with over the course of their careers."  

SAReads is bridging modern reading research and teachers. This produces the SAReads multiplier effect, which helps children learn to read today and countless children learn to read in the future.


What distinguishes SAReads from other tutoring programs? SAReads uses science-based reading instruction (SBRI) combined with data-driven instruction (DDI). Since each student has different needs, preservice teachers use individual reading assessment data to prepare lesson plans to develop the specific reading skills their students require. Preservice teachers create nine custom lesson plans prior to individual tutoring sessions. Lesson plans consist of guided reading as well as literacy curriculum developed by the Florida Center for Reading Research. Fourth graders receive instruction in writing and critical thinking in addition to reading instruction. Preservice teachers provide writing prompts and review each 4th grader's essay in Google Classroom.

More than 400 kindergarten through 4th grade students are currently enrolled in SAReads tutoring, the largest group of students to date.

Dr. Kearney says it best, "Texas A&M University - San Antonio's mission is working together with the community and the citizens it serves to build a brighter future."

For additional information, download our impact reports or read more about how SAReads is empowering classroom and preservice teachers.