SAReads Student Impact

SAReads Student Impact 2014-15

From 2013-2015 SAReads monitored student progress using the teacher administered Texas Primary Reading Inventory ("TPRI") assessment. TPRI is a diagnostic tool for pre-reading skills for grades Kindergarten through the end of 3rd grade. 258 students participated in SAReads in AY 2014-15, with 52% continuing from the previous school year.

On average, the number of Kindergarten through second graders performing on grade level more than tripled from the beginning-of-year (BOY) to end-of-year (EOY). The average number of third grade students performing on grade level doubled, but more than half of third graders could not meet the EOY benchmarks. Research and data indicate that students will require additional instruction to meet the third grade standards for vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.  See results from additional years: