SAReads Student Impact

SAReads Student Impact 2017-18

Since 2012, SAReads has conducted detailed analysis of longitudinal student reading data. Data on SAReads students consistently indicates that their reading skills improve from the beginning-of-year (BOY) to end-of-year (EOY). Beginning in AY 2016-17, SAReads monitored individual student progress using IStation assessments, which is a diagnostic tool for pre-reading and reading skills from Kindergarten through the end of 5th grade that categorizes students into three instructional tiers:

Tier 1: Students performing at grade level
Tier 2: Students performing moderately below grade level and in need of intervention
Tier 3: Students performing seriously below grade level and in need of intensive intervention

SAReads added fourth grade students in Fall 2017, with the intention that they continue tutoring through 5th grade. EOY results will be available in Summer 2018, so check back soon!