SAReads Literacy Academy

The SAReads Literacy Academy provides programs for parents & guardians, students, and teachers to help children achieve reading proficiency. The goal of the academy is to systemically embed strong research-based instruction practices in the school culture and improve student success. The academy is a collaborative multi-year, multi-dimensional effort employing high-quality programs that have a measurable impact on children’s reading outcomes. 

PARENTS & GUARDIANS: The SAReads Family Engagement Program works with parents and guardians to strengthen family involvement at-home and offer enrichment experiences to students who would otherwise not have access to these opportunities.

STUDENTS: The SAReads Reading Instruction Program offers individual and small group instruction to kindergarten through 3rd grade students who need extra assistance with reading. This research-based instruction is provided by the SAReads Tutor Corps.

TEACHERS: SAReads provides applied learning experience with the scientific method of reading instruction to undergraduate students who plan to become teachers. In fall 2017, SAReads will provide professional development and instructional support to teachers and administrators to embed the scientific method of reading instruction in elementary schools.

“If you teach a child to read, you can change her life.” 
~Sharon Vaughn, Ph.D. The Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk at UT Austin